MyFrameSaver 24 months European Warranty Conditions (Sunglasses / Eyeglasses). MyFrameSaver offers all its customers the manufacturer's warranty of 24 months valid throughout the world.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so our after-sales service will always help you. Typically, we are able to efficiently solve the cases of defective products offering free replacement of the product or part of it. Please note that the frames and lenses damaged by the use of the same are not covered by this warranty.

Contact lenses are garanteed 3 months.

Goods with defects due to manufacturing process and/or not up to the manufacturer standard are considerated defective goods. Hinges defective, welding spots, discoloration, etc.. are typical defects of glasses.

Please, note that manufacturing defects DO NOT include defects due to the design of the product and to its production process.

The manufacturing defects DO NOT also include damage or injury resulting from improper use of the product or from an accident or by the use of the product itself.

Defective Contact Lenses Warranty. Throwaway contact lens are mass produced and, although they should pass strict quality controls, they might have some defects. This is the reason why all contact lenses have a 3 months manufacturer's warranty.

You have a defective contact lenses box if:

1) lenses are very uncomfortable and do not fit properly your eyes, while previous lenses, of the same type, were comfortable to wear.
2) The vision is blurred, while previous lenses of the same prescription, allowed you to see clearly.
3) The lenses of the package break or tear very easily.

What to do if you think you have a defective contact lenses box:
1) Immediately notify us the problem you are having with your lenses.
2) Keep all defective lenses and packaging. You will need to send us everything back in case of a change. The producers do not accept changes in warranty without receiving the damaged product.

We recommend you to contact your optician immediately if you have experienced discomfort or blurred vision.