Privacy Policy

MyFrameSaver is committed to respect the European directives considering the managing of personal data.
All information recorded by MyFrameSaver will be kept strictly confidential at any times and will only be used as follows:
- To process purchase transactions: we can exchange relevant information with financial institutions in order to process purchase transactions on your behalf.
- To communicate with you about your purchase transactions: we will use your personal information to contact you in case of any problems about your orders of goods made through MyFrameSaver.
- Default Payment or due sums default: If there were a payment default or a sum due, we may communicate or exchange personal information with the major credit agencies and / or our collection agency.
- If required by law: If MyFrameSaver is notified of a court order legally binding, we are obliged to make your personal data available to police or control agencies.
- Marketing: We will not communicate your personal information to any organization for marketing purposes. We may use the personal data contained in your Customer Registry to better understand your needs and to advise you about new products, services or promotions that we believe may be of interest to you.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our Privacy Policy please contact us at