Ray-ban Clubround RB4246 Ray-ban Clubround RB4246

Ray-Ban it’s well known for its iconic glasses (Aviator, Wayfarer, Round, Clubmaster) that are born thanks to the spirit of adventure and research that has always characterized the brand.

Ray-ban has created over time models that have become icons of timeless style thanks to the peculiarity of their shapes and innovation that has kept them always current, by renewing the materials, finishes and small details that make unique every model by Ray-Ban.

One of the most popular ever models is the "Round", with round lenses, has been chosen by many artists, that overtime have become icons themselves. With so many famous endorsement this model has transformed itself into an icon of free thought. On this basis, however, a problem arises: how do you renew the circle, symbol of perfection, trying to give him a fresh and trendy look? Simply adding to the "Round" the chic character of the “Clubmaster”, characterized by the emphasis on the top of the mount: its famous acetate brow.

rb4246 clubroundThe new  creation by the US sunglasses brand is the Ray-BanClubround RB4246, that thanks to the fusion of classic and trendy is able to add even more character to an iconic model. The design features the rounded panthos shape with Clubmaster-inspired acetate brows, together with metal rims and bridges. Ideal for intellectuals and bohemians who seek new means of expression and find that Clubround has what was missing: a dynamic round frame with a modern look and unmistakable retro-inspired allure.

Worn by the elite of the seventh art, from Bruce Willis to Tim Roth passing by Michael Douglas, the Clubmaster is a myth in the world of eye-wear. Ray-Ban has played the card of reinterpretation in rounded version of a myth: the essence remains the same what changes is the shape of the glasses. The Clubround model follows in the footsteps of his older brothers, but manages to surprise with its timeless charm.

The original style of this particular model is emphasized by the choice of lenses and special finishes, both of which contribute to its uniqueness.

The last-born of Ray Ban will adapt to any situation, from a marriage on a Californian beach to a professional meeting in the middle of the city. From the classic tortoiseshell version, which directly carries the elegance CineCittà on your nose, to the electric blue version which is much more funky, this new classic will allow to play the card of eccentricity without ever leaving the paths of style.

Ray-Ban Clubround RB4246 is available in three different colors: Black, Avana, an original embossed effect and the stunning Tortoiseshell. There are 3 different colors alternative as regards the avana and the embossed effect.