How to choose your frame

It is not always easy to buy a frame online without having a chance to verify if the model you are choosing has the correct measurements.

Myframesaver Team, for this reason, by this page, want to give some informations to choose the frame that better suits your face.

Mnufacturers provide frames with some specifications that correspond to the measures of the model.

The main specifications (Figure A) are:

  • Lens Width
  • Bridge Width
  • Rods or Arms length

choose your frame

choose your frame


These measurements are normally expressed in millimeters (mm) and correspond to the actual size of the frame. The knowledge of these specifications allows you to evaluate more objectively the real characteristics of the product and, therefore, choose the right "size".

Very important is the lens width, that generally corresponds to the size of the frame. A 50 size frame therefore corresponds to a 50 mm wide lens. Knowing the measurements of the lens and the bridge is possible to determine the total width of the frame choice.

Don't you know how size choose? Are you undecided wheter buy a bigger or smaller size?

To clarify , we propose you an example.

A frame is produced both in size 48 and 50. The specifications provided by the manufacturer are as follows:

Model Measurements (mm)
Frame A: Size 50 – Bridge 20 Lens Width: 50mm / Bridge Width: 20mm
Frame B: Size 48 – Bridge 18 Lens Width: 480mm / Bridge Width: 18mm


The overall width of the frame is given by the sum of the width of the two lenses and the bridge:

Overall width Frame A – Size 50 (50 + 50 + 20) = 120 mm
Overall width Frame B – Size 48 (48 + 48 + 18) = 114 mm


choose your frame

Frame A

Size 50

Bridge 20

Frame B

Size 48

Bridge 18

choose your frame


The frame in size 50 will be six millimeters wider than the frame in size 48

choose your frame Frame ASize 50Bridge 20Frame BSize 48

Bridge 18

(NB: The information provided on the calculation of the measures of the frames are inidicative and purely by way of example and may, for construction characteristics of the frame itself, does not correspond exactly to the actual measurements).

You already have a pair of glasses and you should rely on their size to understand what glasses buy?

Reading the codes ​​on the packaging or on the temples of your glasses, you can immediately know the specifics of your frame and then the size that suits you best.

Most glasses manufacturers insert, inside one of the rods, a series of alphanumeric codes that uniquely identify the product.

choose your frame

How can you read this code?

  1. The first two letters identify the brand (DG is Dolce & Gabbana)
  2. The second alphanumeric code identifies the model code (3123)
  3. The third alphanumeric code identifies color code (1850)

The last three numbers indicate the sizes (in mm) of:

  • Size (54 mm)
  • Bridge (17 mm)
  • Temple lenght (140 mm)

With this information you will be able to know perfectly the specific of the model of glasses that you already have or you need and allow you to buy your new pair of glasses on Myframesaver with more confidence.