Customer Service

MyFrameSaver is the online store dedicated to the best optics brands in the world. Our catalogue includes all the main brands of sunglasses and eyeglasses, daily and regular contact lenses. We adopted 8 rules to make our customer service truly "Best in Class".

1) Highly competitive prices. MyFrameSaver relies on a network of wholesalers in Europe to obtain the best price for its customers.
2) Free shipping for orders delivered in United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Nederlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland
3) Safe Payments. We have chosen as payment partner Unicredit Bank, Multisafepay and paypal, to avoid any risk of error or loss of your payment data.
4) Damage proof packaging and transportation. All the packages are wrapped so as to minimize the risk of damage through the use of filler material.
5) Top transport partners. We use an international courier like TNT Express for worldwide deliveries.
6) Efficent return service. You can return any product not in conformity with specifications or damaged and get a new one in perfect condition.
7) Prescription sunglasses customization. It is possible, on request and using a specific procedure, customize the selected frame with prescription lenses according to your requirements
and your the optical prescription. You will find this customization feature directly into the eyeglasses board that supports prescription lenses.

For any doubts we have a team of optometrists ready to provide You every kind of support, to help you to place an order or to solve technical problems.